"I became convinced we are here for each other."
Buckminster Fuller

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At the present moment, our species is embarking on a new journey. Because we are learning much about the impact of lifestyle choices and of capabilities we never knew we possessed, we can take responsibility for our own health. However, at the same time, we find ourselves on the brink of the destruction of earth's environment, our home in the cosmos. Ultimately, our health and the health of the planet is up to us; it is our responsibility. The time for action is now. The mission of this web site is to share ways in which we can help each other accomplish what is needed, both on a personal and on a planetary level. We hope you find this web site useful, and we invite your comments and suggestions. We are all in this together.

Dr. Charles T. Tart Web Site

Compassion, Science and Consciousness Survival
Dr. Charles T. Tart

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Dr. Charles T. Tart

TASTE Web Site

Dr. Charles T. Tart

Over the years many scientists, once they've realized I'm a safe person to talk to, have told me about unusual and transcendent experiences they've had. Too often I'm the first and only person they've ever spoken to about their experiences, for fear of ridicule from their colleagues and adverse, prejudicial effects on their career. Such fears have, unfortunately, too much of a basis in fact. It's not that there are a lot of scientists with nasty intentions deliberately trying to suppress their colleagues, it's just the social conditioning of our times. I want to change that, and I ask your help in doing so.

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What is Mind Body Medicine?

Mind-body medicine focuses on the interactions between mind and body and the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social and spiritual factors can directly affect health. It regards as fundamental an approach which respects and enhances each person's capacity for self-knowledge and self-care and emphasizes techniques which are grounded in this approach. These techniques include self-awareness, relaxation, meditation, exercise, diet, biofeedback, visual imagery, self-hypnosis and group support. It explores and integrates the healing practices of other cultures, such as acupuncture and acupressure, meditation and yoga, as well as alternative Western approaches including herbalism, massage, musculo-skeletal manipulation, and prayer. It views illness as an opportunity for personal growth and transformation and health care providers as catalysts and guides in this process.

"The Center for Mind-Body Medicine is doing pioneering work, making the best of the new medicine available to those who need it most."
Dean Ornish, M.D.

Center for Mind Body Medicine http://www.cmbm.org/

PLANT IT 2000 Web Site

"A single tree planted in the right place and properly maintained saves lives. Many trees produce fruit and nuts which are life supporting food for starving families. These are often the trees Plant-It 2000 plants in regions of starvation. In addition, the indigenous people are taught how to plant trees to assist with agriculture in a process called 'intercropping' which strongly increases crop yield and food quality. The new forests also eliminate drought by raising the water table, protecting the health of existing creeks and improving the microclimate. When villagers assist with our reforestation programs, they change their methods of grazing, farming and agriculture permanently to a sustainable form of land sharing while restoring the land to where hunger, drought and poverty is lessened." - Michael Thau

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Ganesha - Hindu God Of Knowledge and Remover of Obstacles

Beginnings are so important that we are moved to welcome Ganesha here. Being the Hindu God of Knowledge and Remover of Obstacles, Ganesha symbolizes an auspicious start. May the spirit of Ganesha be with us as we introduce Health Webpicks.

Developing Center in Your Life
Thomas Crum and Judith Warner
Aiki Works, Inc.

Thomas Crum

    I know I am centered when ...

  • I am balanced and stable.
  • I am breathing deeply from my belly.
  • I am relaxed, calm, and focused.
  • I am aware, internally and externally.
  • I am appreciative of myself and others.
  • I am feeling my emotions -- and learning from them.
  • I am compassionate and connected to others and to my environment.
  • I am able to receive and give sincere acknowledgment.
  • I am energized by purpose.
  • I am bigger than my challenges.
  • I am unattached to the outcome of a situation.
  • I am having fun and laughing often.
Journey to Center, Thomas Crum

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Dr. Philip Brotman

Neurofeedback, or EEG biofeedback is a non-invasive method of training people to voluntarily gain control of their brainwaves. Surface electrodes are connected to the head and ears so that the brainwaves can be monitored and changes in the generation of brainwaves are indicated by audio and visual means (meter, computer monitor graphics or animations).

With practice, a person can be trained to control or regulate their brainwaves; with sufficient practice, this ability or skill can become automatic. A good analogy to learning the skill of brainwave control is learning the skill of driving a car or playing a piano.

Brainwaves are categorized by their frequency; typically into delta (0-4 Hz), theta (4-8 Hz), alpha (8-13 Hz) and beta (14 Hz -20 Hz).

Studies have shown that learning to control the brainwaves through neurofeedback has often resulted in gains in peak performance (corporate, university, sports and performing arts) as well as meditation and in clinical improvement for ADD/ADHD, cognitions, brain injury, depression, addictions, anxiety and reduction of stress.

The position paper by Dr. Joel Lubar elaborates on the improvements to be gained from neurofeedback training for those who suffer from ADD or ADHD.

Dr. Joel Lubar Paper
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Windstar Dome
Photo by Val Nestrick

The Windstar Foundation is an environmental and social change not-for-profit organization co-founded by John Denver and Thomas Crum in 1976. Windstar is dedicated to educating and inspiring individuals to make responsible, conscious choices in support of a peaceful and sustainable future for us all.

Windstar envisions a world where people see themselves as part of a complex and interdependent web of life. Decisions and actions regarding ecological, cultural, political, economic and global issues, guided by concern for each other and the planet, will ensure a society that works for all people--for all time. Windstar promotes a holistic approach to addressing global issues, with an understanding that respect for others and self-respect have a direct impact on the way we treat the world around us.

Windstar believes that personal, interpersonal, societal, and ecological environments are all integral components in the creation of a sustainable future for the planet.

Windstar is the recognition and demonstration that each of us is part of, and responsible for, the quality of life on planet Earth; and that which affects any one of us, affects us all.

Windstar believes that each individual can play an important role in creating a peaceful, healthy and promising future on a global scale.

Windstar recognizes the human species as part of nature, whose existence depends on its ability to draw sustenance form a finite natural world, and whose continuance is contingent upon its ability to keep from destroying the natural system that regenerates this world.

Windstar is an expression of the power of human creativity, integrity and responsibility.

Windstar integrates Earth, mind and spirit and encourages individuals to operate out of this integrated place.

Windstar is a commitment to conscious choice.

"For the children and the flowers are my sisters and my brothers, come and stand beside me, we can find a better way."
-- John Denver, Founder

Science 2000 Conference Web Site

Science 2000 Conference

The 2000 International Conference on Science & Consciousness

More and more people are having experiences that cannot be explained by the old scientific paradigm. Explore and experience the space between the ordinary and the non-ordinary reality. Expand your personal awareness and participate in the exploration of consciousness from multiple perspectives.

Featured Speakers: Larry Dossey, MD; Matthew Fox, Judith Orloff, MD; Valerie Hunt, Peter Russell, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Paul Pearsall, Elisabeth Targ, MD; Amit Goswami, Elisabet Sahtouris, Stanley Krippner, William Tiller, Charlotte Shelton, Brian O'Leary, Deborah Rozman from HeartMath and Steven Halpern.

April 28 - May 3, 2000 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
ph: 505-474-0998, fax: 505-471-2584
email: message@nets.com, website www.bizspirit.com

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