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Hibbett Sports is a leading athletic retailer dedicated to ‌providing the highest quality sporting goods, footwear, and apparel. With over 1,000 stores in the United States, we offer a wide selection of products for every ‌sports enthusiast.

At Hibbett Sports, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional⁤ customer service and offering the best brands in‍ the industry. Whether you’re looking for running shoes, basketball gear, or outdoor equipment, we have you covered.


Running⁢ Shoes

Running Shoes

Discover the ​latest running shoe styles from top ⁢brands like Nike, Adidas, and New Balance. Our⁢ selection includes shoes ‌for all types of runners, from beginners to experienced ⁣athletes.

Basketball Gear

Basketball Gear

Gear up for the court ‍with our⁤ wide range of basketball shoes, ⁣jerseys, shorts, and accessories. We carry products endorsed by⁣ NBA players, ensuring ⁢you ​get the best performance and style.

Outdoor Equipment

Outdoor Equipment

Explore ⁣the great outdoors ‌with our ⁤selection of camping gear, hiking boots, and outdoor clothing. Stay comfortable and protected during your outdoor adventures with reliable equipment.


Visit ⁤one ‌of our many stores nationwide to experience our exceptional customer service firsthand. Use​ our store locator to find the ⁣nearest Hibbett Sports store in your area!

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We value your feedback and are⁣ always here to assist you. Contact our customer support⁣ team for⁤ any inquiries, feedback, or ⁢assistance with your order.

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