TikTokers Are Trying ‘Cozy Cardio’—But Do Experts Think It’s a Good Workout?

In recent weeks, fitness enthusiasts on the popular app TikTok have popularized a new exercise style called “cozy cardio.” It consists of a relaxed dance routine, created to the soundtrack of slower music like jazz and muted dance-pop. People who practice cozy cardio say it’s a low-impact way to get their heart rate up and burn some calories.

But does cozy cardio really live up to the claims that its proponents make? According to experts, the answer is complicated.

Dr. Sara Arent, a physical therapist from Washington, DC, says cozy cardio can be a great way to get moving with minimal pain and discomfort. “My main goal as a therapist is always to get people moving in a way that’s low-impact and minimizes any potential risk of injury,” she says. “Cozy cardio definitely does that. And because it’s more of a leisurely exercise, it’s also great for people who are just getting started with an exercise routine.”

However, Dr. Arent cautions that cozy cardio shouldn’t be seen as the only form of exercise. “What’s important to remember is that any type of exercise should be part of a balanced routine,” she says. “For heart health and general well-being, it’s important to incorporate different types of activity – such as aerobic exercise, strength training, and stretching – into your routine.”

Dr. Arent also cautions that cozy cardio should not be seen as a total replacement for regular exercise. “The fact is that cozy cardio is a relatively low-intensity activity,” she says. “The only way to get the best overall health benefits from exercise is to include a variety of activities at different levels of intensity.”

All in all, experts agree that cozy cardio can be a great form of low-impact exercise for those who are just getting started with fitness. However, its low intensity means it should not be seen as a replacement for more challenging activities in a balanced fitness routine.

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