Cigna Expat Health Insurance

Why Choose​ Cigna Expat ⁣Health Insurance?

⁢ When it comes ‌to taking care of your health while living abroad, Cigna Expat Health Insurance ⁤has got ⁢you covered. With their comprehensive plans​ and extensive⁤ network of medical providers worldwide, ‍Cigna ensures that you ‍have access to quality⁢ healthcare wherever you are.

⁤ Whether you are an expatriate, ⁢global nomad, or international business professional, Cigna understands the unique challenges you may face‌ in ‌a ⁤foreign country. They offer tailored insurance packages that address your specific medical⁢ needs ⁤and provide peace of⁣ mind for you and ⁤your ⁢loved ​ones.

With Cigna ‍Expat Health Insurance, you can:

  • Receive medical ‍treatment from trusted healthcare professionals in your destination country
  • Access a 24/7 multilingual helpline for any medical⁢ emergency or ⁤assistance
  • Enjoy‍ the convenience of online claims submission and tracking
  • Access a wide network⁤ of hospitals, clinics, and⁢ pharmacies
  • Receive coverage for pre-existing conditions, maternity⁤ care, and mental health services

Coverage Options

‌ Cigna Expat Health Insurance offers a range of coverage options⁢ to suit your individual needs and budget. Their plans include:

  • Essential Care: Basic coverage for‌ essential medical ⁤expenses
  • Advanced Care: Comprehensive coverage⁢ including hospitalization, surgery, and prescription⁣ medication
  • Gold Care: Higher ​benefit limits​ and additional coverage for maternity and mental health
  • Platinum Care: Premium coverage with ⁣higher benefit limits, dental coverage,⁤ and wellness benefits

Additionally, ‌Cigna offers optional add-ons such as dental and vision​ coverage, as well as medical evacuation and repatriation services for ⁢added ​peace ​of mind.

How to Apply

⁣ Applying for ⁤Cigna Expat Health Insurance‍ is simple and hassle-free. You can visit their website and ⁤fill out an online application form or contact their dedicated customer service team ​for personalized assistance.

⁤ ​To get a ‌quote or learn more about their coverage ‌options, eligibility requirements, ⁢and‌ pricing, visit the Cigna Expat Health Insurance website today. Protect your health⁤ and enjoy your expat journey with the peace of mind that comes from having reliable health insurance coverage.

This article is brought to you by‌ Cigna Expat Health Insurance. Please consult their official website​ for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Cigna, one of the world’s largest providers of health insurance products, has recently launched its new “Expat Health Insurance” plan. This plan is designed specifically for those living and working outside their home country. It provides a comprehensive suite of health coverage options tailored to the needs of expats across different countries and regions.

The Expat Health Insurance plan is comprehensive in scope, covering a wide range of medical services and treatments. This includes basic medical care, dental care, hospitalization, mental health services, and prescription drug coverage. The plan also provides international health coverage while traveling and an optional hospital benefit option.

The Expat Health Insurance plan comes with a variety of customizable features, enabling expats to choose the plan that best fits their individual needs. This includes the flexibility to choose a deductible, copayment option and premium payment frequencies, along with additional optional benefits such as accident and emergency coverage.

The plan also allows expats to stay connected with their family and doctors back home, and manages their medical bills directly with its global network of over 1 million providers. Cigna also provides access to a dedicated customer service team who offer 24/7 support, providing peace of mind when it comes to making sure one’s healthcare needs are taken care of.

In conclusion, Cigna’s Expat Health Insurance plan is designed to make health care easier and more accessible for expats. It provides comprehensive coverage, customized features, and international coverage, allowing expats to have greater peace of mind when it comes to their health. Whether you are an expat on a temporary assignment or a permanent resident living abroad, Cigna’s Expat Health Insurance may be the right plan for you.

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