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BBC Sport is one of the largest providers of sporting content in the world. With an extensive range of sports coverage, news and insights, customers across the planet can access all their favourite sports from the comfort of their own home.

BBC Sport covers an impressive variety of sports categories, including football (soccer), cricket, tennis, rugby, golf, motor sport, athletics and more. Not only does BBC Sport provide free broadcast coverage of a wide range of sports, but they also provide highlights and post-match analysis of all major competitions.

The BBC Sport website is updated regularly with all the latest news and results of each sport, giving customers a comprehensive look at the world of sport. With the ‘Live Scores’ section, customers can keep up with the fastest-moving action in a variety of sports. These scores are also available as a dedicated mobile app.

In addition to news and analysis, BBC Sport also features dedicated podcasts covering all the latest news and insights from the world’s biggest sports events. Customers can listen to in-depth interviews, highlights from major clashes and features with key players and celebrities.

The BBC Sport team is composed of some of the most experienced, professional journalists in the field. Reporters and presenters provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week coverage of all the latest sports news around the world.

Whether you’re a football fan, cricket fan or a tennis enthusiast, BBC Sport has you covered. It is the perfect source for all your sports needs and is a must-provider for every budding sports fan.

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